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Our Log Church is small and cozy. Construction is full-round logs with dove-tailed notched corners. We are attempting to keep the building authentic - a task which has its challenges. As you can imagine, a building such as this with the age of 100 years shows signs of deterioration.

We are a small congregation, but with what we have we are maintaining the building in memory of the pioneers who saw the need for a church, and of course, for the honor and glory of the Lord.

To the rear of the church, we have a small Pioneer Cemetery.

H.H.Stolle is buried there, along with many of his family members. Mr. Stolle was the founder of the town of Tripoli. He also donated the land and logs to build the church (See the Short History page)

This stream runs along the east side of the church property. Despite being close to the highway, it is a quiet and meditative spot.

The flower garden is called “The Remembrance Garden."

It is named so and maintained in remembrance of people of the past who had lovingly served God through the church.

We also take up a special offering on the first Sunday of each month which we call “Lori’s Fund.” This offering is used to help some special need in the community, usually someone who has suddenly been burdened with medical expenses or some other sudden misfortune.

This fund was Lori’s idea, who called it “Change for Change,” since for this offering the people in the church loudly empty their change into a metal container carried around to the congregation by a child of the church. We renamed the fund “Lori’s fund after her passing.

Usually every month we give out one or two food or gasoline gift cards.

The Log Church  of Tripoli, WI